Monday, 7 November 2016

After One Year

Its been awhile juga la blog ni terabai haha.

   So ya I already had my convocation on erm few months back (April 2016) . I am officially a Bachelor (Hons) in Accountancy 's holder (Alhamdulillah).  Berjaya juga habiskan Degree walaupun dugaan tu sangat la susah and bila ingat balik sem 8, it was the most difficult semester for me. Dengan assignment yang berlambak and it like almost everday we all kena buat presentation T.T

   I did mention in my last post that I want to pursue my ACCA at Dublin Business School but unfotunately due to unfavourable circumstances I was not able to do that 😢 But, I was offered by Yayasan Peneraju to continue my ACCA at Intec Education College and I accepted the offer. And, now I only left with 3 more papers (Yeayh!) , 2 papers which I will attempt this December (yup I know the exam is only around the corner 😅) 

   So, I will update on the next post macam mana I got the Yayasan Peneraju scholarship and the stages from the interview until I received the offer letter from Yayasan Peneraju and Intec. Thats from now, see you!